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History In Pictures 

"tell me your secrets and your lies"

History In Pictures 
Photos Copyright: Markus Hofmann
Tegernsee, Germany


 Imperium Romanum

Friday, October 13th 1307

I hope, I pray and I will fight.

God father Odin

I will scream The Word of Odin

Dark Middle Ages

Your rising sun
My kingdom comes

Sympathie for the Devil

Standing in line
The blind lead the blind

From the skies

They were raining from the sky


There are lambs for the slaughter
Waiting to die

For the honor

no sin, no sanctuary


Fire and Ice

11. Juni 1184 V. CHR. Troja

Punned and Burned down
I called and pleaded

Napoléon Bonaparte

17. bis 20. Mai 1800
Großen Sankt Bernhard

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